Bubble Free Pro Flatbed Applicator

The Bubble Free Pro Applicator, Flatbed Laminator allows a single operator to mount and laminate a wide range of materials in super fast time whilst eliminating the danger of bubbles or creases. Mounting and laminating can be onto any flat surface up to 60mm thick. The Bubble-Free Pro Applicator is available in three widths, 1500mm, 1700mm and 2200mm giving maximum working widths of 1450mm, 1640mm and 2140mm respectively.

Rollers have 15mm of soft rubber thus ensuring bubble free application. The machine can be operated from either side giving greater installation flexibility. There are very few electronic parts giving a very high degree of reliability. Pneumatic components are high quality HAFNER and FESTO parts.

The Bubble-Free Pro Applicator is designed and manufactured in Europe.

5 year on site warranty.

Mounting vinyl on boards with the Bubble Free Pro flatbed applicator table.
Laminating with the Bubble Free Pro flatbed laminator table.
Appling application tape to cut vinyl with the Bubble Free Pro flatbed applicator table.


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Bubble Free Pro Brochure

"The accuracy of the application is very consistent even across hundreds of 8 x 4 boards"

James Clarke, EP Cowen Signs

“Helped us as a business massively, our production time and finishing time is probably done in half the time now so this gives us a great flexibility to take on more work without having to worry about getting more staff to meet the high demands etc”

Josh Ainsley, Ainsley Signs

“Having looked at other application tables on the market we felt the build quality, price and lead time offered by Josero for the Bubble Free table far exceeded what was on offer from the market leader and as such had no hesitation in placing an order for one. Plus, the fact that you can specify the colour of your table is a really nice, individual touch.”

Simon Platt, Managing Director, Pumpkin Sign & Display

“We chose the Bubble Free because it's a very easy option to use, simple to maintain, very robust and makes everyone's life in the graphics department so much easier. It made us at least 3 times more efficient in applying vinyl to panels.”

Gabriel Palazzo, Standbuilder Ltd

“Love my bubble free, never understood how we coped without it, was a good investment.”

Steve Littler, Production Manager, Mida Sign Services Ltd