Used Gandi Jeti 3318

Product information

The Gandi Jeti 3318 has a printing width of 3.2m with a head carriage that now has 18 Spectra Print Heads. The ink designation is 3 heads per color allowing for 6 color combinations. The Gandi Jeti 3318 print speed is 51m2 per hour in best mode and 68m2 in production mode. At the forefront of the technological enhancements is the software upgrade which can detect if any individual nozzle may be misfiring. The software will automatically compensate the saturation, safe-guarding the image output. This safe-proof technology is the first of its kind in the grand-format arena. Also included is an automatic head-wiping feature, designed to eliminate the need to stop production and manually clean the heads, and a mesh blanket that works with the heating system to ensure media will not stick to the front of the printer.

Technical Parameters

  • Condition Used - Very good
  • Year of Manufacture 2006
  • RIP / Operating SW Wasatch
  • RIP / SW Version 5.1
  • Number of Colors 6
  • Number of Heads 16
  • Max. Resolution 600 dpi
  • Max. Print Width / Cut Size 320 cm
  • Ink used Allinks
  • Optional Accessories Rewinder

Used Gandi Jeti 3318


Gandi Jeti 3318 with 3.20 m wide solvent inkjet printer for all types of flexible materials.

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