Trimalco Athena - Integrated Cutting System

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At the heart of the Athena integrated cutting systems is the Europa cutter rail, available in a range of sizes and are guaranteed straight to 1mm. A pair of integral lift mechanisms and a full length aluminium base create a fixed docking station that can be attached to an existing work table or to the Atlas Table. A narrow groove safely accepts the blade tip during cutting. Three full length silicone grip strips, two on the cutter and one on the base, aid clamping and help protect the surface of the material being cut.

The cutters can be removed from their docking stations for use elsewhere. In the case of the Athena, the locating spindles can be removed leaving the table completely clear for other purposes.

The Athena uses a series of brackets fitted to the table top. The Athena base extrusion fits inside these brackets where it can be adjusted for both level and straightness. A full length measuring scale is included as standard, the Athena is a complete cutting station capable of cutting materials up to 20mm - ¾” thick.

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Trimalco Athena - Integrated Cutting System


The Trimalco Athena Integrated Cutting System gives you the full functionality of the Trimalco Europa cutter rail with a fully adjustable, table mountable, docking station and elevators all in one unit.

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