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Our Customers

Our Customers range from small digital printers to large multinationals and they span the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland as well as throughout Europe and the Middle East. Wherever they are based and whatever their business they all expect efficient customer service as well as reliable products. Here’s what some of them have to say about Josero:

Garry Brown, Managing Director of YPS, said, “We have a large portfolio of printing products and the Redjet™ complements our other products, providing customers with a fast, reliable superwide printer. Our relationship with Josero has flourished over the past few years and we know their level of customer service is second to none. We installed the printer in early January and we’ve had a tremendous amount of interest and requests for demonstrations already. The printer is very competitively priced and comes with a comprehensive warranty and onsite technical support. It is also a really good stepping stone for those moving into the banner market. All these attributes make it a real gem in our range of printing products.”

Adrian Harmes of AMR SIGNS said, “During the demonstration at Sign UK, the print quality was as good, if not better, than any demos we had seen on other printers. We hadn’t realised until we attended the exhibition that Josero sell second-hand printers, which are fully refurbished to a very high standard. When we purchased the printer from Josero it was already set up with Triangle inks. We are delighted with both the printer and the inks as well as the service we receive from Josero. Nothing is too much for them, they are always on hand to answer any questions we may have and the printer is running perfectly. Our customers have also commented on the vibrancy and quality of the prints. On top of that we are saving around 30% per cartridge against the OEM ink. This means we can now offer a service at a competitive price, in house, that we were not able to do before. It really is a great investment for our business.”

Alan Reaveley, one of the partners at Fastsigns Peterborough, stated, “We are quite local to Josero so we were able to talk to them several times before changing. They’re a really friendly and knowledgeable bunch and they alleviated any concerns we raised. Once we’d made the decision to change, we asked Josero to come in and convert our printer. The conversion was really quick and simple and the Josero team sorted the whole thing out for us. After running them for a few years, we’ve had no problems with fading or colour matching but I do think, where needed, we can actually get more vibrant colours from the Triangle inks than we could do with the Mimaki inks.”

Your Printing Supplies (YPS) is Triangle's dealer in the North East.Managing Director, Garry Brown said, "We wanted to find the right quality alternative digital ink which would perform to the standard of OEM inks. After looking at several different inks and testing them rigorously we chose Triangle™ inks because they easily out-performed all the others. We were not only looking at the ink but at the whole package including cartridge or bulk system quality along with the reliability of the chips used because we'd had problems in this area before."

Richard Towers of Fast Signs said "The conversion to Triangle inks couldn’t have been easier. We could have done it ourselves, however, Josero made a point of sending an engineer to carry out the conversion. It only took one hour and we were printing again using all our original profiles. Our machine has always been reliable and continues to run perfectly with Triangle inks. We should have done it sooner!"

Screenpro is Josero's dealer in the Midlands. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of Screenpro said "Our success isnt just down to Triangles ink & cartridge technology, but also the after sales service that we can offer. We have access to Joseros highly skilled engineers. They can provide technical support and machine servicing, as well as provide service contracts. This has helped us overcome the main objection from customers when changing from OEM to third party inks. Our customers are still receiving excellent service and a quality product, but at a fraction of the cost."

DTL Supplies is Josero's dealer in the South West of England and Wales. Richard Cummins from DTL said "Our ongoing relationships with our customers is key to our business and this would be undermined if we didnt feel that we also had the support and back up of an ink manufacturer. So, although its taken us some time to choose the correct inks I feel sure we have made the right choice for us and our customers. I have been very pleased, not only with quality of the Triangle inks, but also with the help we have had from Josero. All the Josero team seem very knowledgeable about their products and their use in the real world and nothing seems too much trouble for them."

For the full story of our happy customers you can download and read our case studies here.