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Technical Support

When you choose an ink you need to have the confidence that the supplier or manufacturer has the ability to support their products. Both within Josero and also throughout our dealer network we have service engineers and people experienced in using the equipment in the real world.  Have you ever tried telephoning one of the main OEM distributors for a little technical chat when you don't have a service contract with them? Once you switch to Triangle, we consider you to be part of our inky family and we encourage you to talk to us. On top of that, all of our dealers offer service contracts and these are invariably cheaper than the OEM offerings. So, you can save money on your ink and your service contract. Spare parts? Triangle offer spares for virtually all printers at competitive prices. We will sell them to you or to your engineer. We're not just talking about cleaning swabs; we hold the whole range of parts from print heads through the tubing to the pumps. See our products page

Richard Towers of Fast Signs said "The conversion to Triangle inks couldn’t have been easier. We could have done it ourselves, however, Josero made a point of sending an engineer to carry out the conversion. It only took one hour and we were printing again using all our original profiles. Our machine has always been reliable and continues to run perfectly with Triangle inks. We should have done it sooner!"

For more information please contact us on: tsc@josero.com or +44 (0) 1954 232564