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Customer Testimonials

Roland SP540

Dublin City Council realised that there were big savings to be made on ink cartridges by switching to Triangle Inks. However, their main priority was to ensure the quality and reliability they were getting from their original Roland Versacamm cartridges was met.

The Director of Sales from the Josero team worked closely with the City Council to ensure their requirements were fully met and to manage the changeover. Everything worked perfectly and the installation was made without any hitches. Dublin City Council is now enjoying the benefits of using one of the best quality inks on the market whilst making savings of 40% over the OEM inks.

Roland XC540

David Charlton, Co-owner of Signarama Edinburgh who has a Roland XC540 switched to Triangle inks 18 months ago. He said "We just replaced the cartridges one by one as and when the Roland ink ran out. We didn't notice any colour shift, in fact we just carried on as if nothing had changed, the perfect ink change over. I can safely say that we are all Triangle converts. None of our customers ever commented on print quality or colour as we went through the transition to Triangle and we see this as testament to how well the Triangle ink works. We are also saving at least 30% on our ink costs."